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Common feat. Daniel Caesar — “HER Love”

Twenty-five years ago, Common released one of his most beloved songs ever in “I Used to Love H.E.R.” Dropped on Resurrection, the narrative-driven single worked as an ode to hip-hop and a reflection on where it had been. Since then, Com has continued to revisit the concept on songs like Erykah Badu’s “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop).”

Now, Common reignites that fire once again with “HER Love,” a new single that features Daniel Caesar. Produced by the late great J Dilla, “HER Love” shines as an update on the classic. More than two decades removed from the original, Sense raps about more modern rappers: “Through the struggle, you taught us to Nipsey Hussle / That’s why we all love you.”

Through clever wordplay, Common shouts out several current MCs on “HER Love.” “At 21, you knew I was savage” he rhymes, with a hat tip to 21 Savage. “But you said ‘Common, you will never be average.’” He also name-checks artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Young Thug, Future, Cardi B, Tyler, the Creator, Lil Uzi Vert, 2 Chainz, YG, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and Jaden Smith.

Common, who was Dilla’s roommate at the time of his passing, recently discussed the track during an interview on “A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal.” “It was talking about hip-hop now and how I feel about her now,” he said. “I rhymed it, a little bit, over the Dilla beat but the rhyme didn’t fit it all the way so I went back and re-wrote the rap. Literally, out of any song on this album, I think I did the most takes working this song out because I just felt that delicate with it. I cared that much about it because this gotta be right. It’s a Dilla song.”

Get an update on “HER Love” below.

Gucci Mane feat. Meek Mill — “Backwards”

Gucci Mane and Meek Mill join forces once again. The guys who teamed up on “Audemar” and “Get Money Nigga” in the past reunite on Guwop’s newest single, “Backwards.”

Over thumping production, the East Atlanta Santa raps about why “broke haters” should not be giving him any advice. “Most of you rappers all style, no substance / Big ol’ rocks on, they disgust me,” he raps. “Niggas talk, but never touch me / Broke haters can’t tell me nothin’.”

When The Wopster passes the baton, Meek takes off with a verse about his dough. “Jump out the porch, I got a Porsche,” he raps. “Too many hitters, they can’t extort / I take that mill to the table, no fork / Then split it all with my dog like divorce.”

“Backwards” is a single off Gucci’s forthcoming album, Delusions of Grandeur. Mane recently spoke about the track during an interview on Beats 1. “It’s one of the most organic records you can ever make,” he explained. “We made this in a penthouse in Miami. In my house, just vibing. You can’t get more natural than this, man. This that Gucci Mane, Meek Mill.”

Go “Backwards” below.

Blueface feat. Rich Da Kid — “Daddy”

Yeah, aight! After breaking into the scene with songs like “Thotiana” and “Respect My Cryppin’,” the viral Los Angeles rapper Blueface returns with a Rich Da Kid-assisted single, “Daddy.”

Produced by Blue’s longtime producer Scum Beatz along with Mike Crook, “Daddy” features a boastful Face. “She call me daddy, I don’t even know her mama,” he boasts. “She gon’ do it for some Dolce Gabbana / Louis, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, designer / With no strings attached, like Balenciaga.”

Seemingly inspired by Blueface’s “Thotiana” hook, Rich offers his own verse. “Bust down for the gang,” he raps. “Eliantte bust down on the chain / For the Dolce Gabbana, she clappin’ / The pussy too wet, get a napkin.”

Listen to “Daddy” below.

Trey Songz — “Dangerous”

Fresh into fatherhood, Trey Songz unleashes a brand new “Triggamix.” This time around, the R&B crooner borrows Meek Mill’s “Dangerous” beat for a rap and R&B track that gets sexual and sensual.

After singing to his girl, Trey adopts a rapper’s delivery. “When it gets sexual, I’ll eat you like an edible / You be on your vegan shit, I treat you like a vegetable,” he rhymes. “We get on that freaky shit, I’m deep up in the best of you / Know I got some shit to do, but for you, time is flexible / Fuck it, I’m obsessed with you.”

Trey and Meek have collaborated before, including on tracks like “Lay Up” and “Face Down.” “Dangerous” was originally a collaboration between Meek, Jeremih, and PnB Rock, which appeared on Mill’s Legends of the Summer EP. Produced by Hitmaka and Chrishan, the cut also popped up on Championships.

Get “Dangerous” below.

Kamaiyah feat. Quavo & Tyga — “Windows”

Kamaiyah opens up the “Windows.” The melodic MC teams up with Migos’ Quavo and Tyga on a new summer-ready banger produced by Drew Banga and Trackademiks.

Quavius kicks things off here. “All about a check, throwing up the set, party on the West, ice up on my neck,” he raps, before shouting out his track mate. “I just step up the bag and go miles / Then go Michael Myers with Kamaiyah.”

Up next, Lil Yaya raps about turning up, partying, and more, all while reppin’ The Bay. “All that bullshit is all over,” she raps. “Everything that we do gets stolen / If you don’t fuck with us, then you really are against us / Motherfuckers, stop stealing our culture.”

T-Raww closes out the track with braggadocios raps. “I got the best flow, sex instrumental / I’ma make it wet, swim in it, hit a breaststroke,” he raps, before also shouting out the track’s leader. “All about the pesto / Green and financials / And I’m with Kamaiyah in The Town, not Modesto.”

Open up the “Windows” below.