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To say the life that professional athletes live is interesting might be an understatement.

From lavish cars to extravagant parties and beautiful women, there’s usually never a lack of interesting stories and happenings in the life of a professional athlete.

The latest Le’Veon Bell story is more proof of that. The New York Jets running back told a 911 operator that he was robbed on May 25, and the last time he saw the suspects he believed were responsible for robbing him, they were both laying in the bed naked.

This may be a bit of a flex on the part of Le’Veon, or it could just be a normal occurrence for him to leave his house with naked women lying around. Bell also noted that neither of the women had answered his phone calls when he attempted to reach out to them. He did mention that these girls were his girlfriends.

The Jets star running back claims that money, jewelry, clothes, and shoes were taken from his home, and estimated that a total of $1 million dollars worth of items had been taken from his home. The AP reported that amongst the most expensive items were “two gold chains with diamonds, a black panther pendant with black and white diamonds, and a Rolex watch, was worth $520,000.”

Following the 2018 season — where Bell sat out due to a contract dispute with the Pittsburgh Steelers — this past March Bell signed a four year $52 million dollar deal to run with the New York Jets.

There are no further updates on the case at this time.