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Kanye West's Dome-Shaped Concept Homes Show Up In Calabasas

Source: Rich Fury / Getty

Calabasas isn’t exactly known as a city that caters to underprivileged communities. But rapper Kanye West, at the very least, is looking into new ways to provide housing for those in need on his property.

Recent reports and photos have shown 50-foot, dome-like structures on his 300-acre plot of land that has been in construction for weeks. West is looking to design the structures as a way to sort of level the housing playing field between the higher and lower classes, according to reports.

The unique design of the units pulls inspiration for the architecture in Tatooine, the fictional town that Luke Skywalker is from in the Star Wars cinematic universe, according to Forbes.

“Speaking of aliens, if you really want to see how West’s creative process works, then a visit to the Star Wars planet of Tatooine is necessary. Inspired by Luke Skywalker’s childhood home, West has been working with a team to design prefabricated structures. They will reportedly sport the same austere aesthetic with the goal of deploying them as “low-income housing units.”

Kanye hopes to turn these into housing communities, but the idea and construction are in the early stages. According to TMZ, Kanye and his team have studied housing “from every period of man’s existence on Earth.” When asked about the utility of the homes, it’s suggested that these structures could be “sunk into the ground.” Plus there will be “light filtering in through the top.”

There’s no telling how long the project will take or if the project can turn into a real solution. Especially for those who struggle to find housing in Los Angeles just 30 miles south on the 101 where homelessness numbers continue to rise.

West has a long history of shaking things up in every industry that he’s invested time in. Even if none of this comes to fruition, the fact that he’s looking to find new solutions to long-standing and complicated problems is admirable.

Photo: Rich Fury / Getty