2017 BET Awards - Arrivals

Source: Jason LaVeris / Getty

If hip-hop were a high school, Migos would be the best-dressed D-boys who never come to class but ace all their tests. On the other end of the hall stands Joe Budden, the boundary-pushing gym teacher whose good intentions constantly clash with the youth and corporate cultures he is being paid to fit into.

In just a week, Joe has gone from being shouted out as one of Hov’s inspirations to triggering the tempers of the game’s most beloved bad boys on BET Awards’ red carpet on Sunday. His new job as co-host on Complex’s Everyday Struggle debate show seems to be a perfect outlet for him to share his passion and wisdom about hip hop culture and the rap industry. But like the drunk uncle in your family, he often takes things a step too far in the heat of the moment, leading to moments like Sunday’s.

During an interview with the “Bad & Boujee” stars, Budden abruptly suggested they wrap the interview up—he was seemingly disgusted with the “fake love” his co-host DJ Akademiks was showing Migos.

The tension had already been building when Akademiks asked Migos member Take Off about Internet memes that joked his name came from the fact that he was constantly being taken off of the group’s recordings (like their song of the moment, “Bad & Boujee”). The surrounding noise from the red carpet festivities made the interview even more awkward, and Budden didn’t appear to have the patience for any of it. As Akademiks attempted to wrap the interview cordially, Budden dropped his mic and stormed out of the camera’s view, prompting Migos frontman Quavo to pop up and ask what the problem was. His partners Take Off and Off Set quickly stood up beside him, but Budden was already far out of the frame.

We’ve come to expect these antics from the man whose recently instigated on-camera confrontations with Lil Yachty, Taxstone and Drake fans, as well as violent episodes with the Wu-Tang Clan and his ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter a decade ago. But as he said to a tweeter in the aftermath of the red carpet fiasco, he doesn’t believe it’s his job to be liked.

Budden also told Twitter that Migos were “just a little too sassy” for his taste, before sarcastically adding, “Y’all think everybody with a song u like can fight lol.”

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.