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Here’s the First Trailer for The Irishman.

The Irishman was directed by Martin Scorsese and is the first Scorsese-De Niro-Pesci mob drama in a quarter century. Also starring Al Pacino, Ray Romano and Harvey Keitel, the film will first be released theatrically in the fall before making its way to Netflix.

” It is expected to be a player in awards season for Netflix,” says Deadline. “The Irishman tells the story of Frank Sheeran, who admitted killing 25 men for the mob, including his friend, the Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. Pesci plays Pennsylvania mob boss Russell Bufalino (who according to Sheeran’s testimony ordered the hit), Pacino plays Hoffa, and De Niro plays Sheeran. Steven Zaillian wrote the script.”

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Woodstock 50 Is Officially Over.

After multiple performers announced they would pulling out of the festival, original Woodstock 1969 performers Santana, John Sebastian and Country Joe McDonald, multiple sources told Variety on Wednesday morning (July 31) that Woodstock 50 had been called off.

Headliners Jay-Z and the Dead & Co. also said they would not be performing.

“The festival was supposed to take place at the Merriweather Post Pavilion outside Baltimore the weekend of Aug. 16 to 18, although a revised plan for a one-day show meant the concert would take place on either the Friday (for which the venue’s capacity is 20,000) or the Sunday (for which is it 32,000), because the Smashing Pumpkins are scheduled to perform their own show at the venue on Saturday, the 17th,” Variety explains.

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A Man Found a ‘Pristine’ 1987 Nintendo Game That Could Sell for $10K.

Imagine digging around your house and finding a pristine condition Nintendo game in stashed away. That’s what happened to Scott Amos, who found an unopened copy of Kid Icarus in the attic of his childhood home and could now rake in up to $10,000.

“All the family has been trying to come up with a hypothesis,” Amos told USA Today. “[My mom] thinks she put it there and never got it back out, and then it ended up in the attic.”

He continued, “It was kind of funny – I saw it was sealed, and I thought it was worth a couple hundred dollars. I go to work the next day and emailed a couple of experts. One of them wrote me back within 30 minutes and said, ‘You have an Easter egg.'”

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