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A$AP Rocky Has Testified in Court.

A$AP Rocky made a pea to judges in court this week, asking for justice for not just him, but also the others involved in his case.

“I have spent a month in Sweden. This is my 5th or 6th time here,” he said, according to TMZ. “I have seen the most beautiful architecture. And the not-so-nice things … what I want is justice. I want my name to be cleared. Justice for all of us.”

Rocky added that he does not want money, though the Swedish Government “could be on the line to pay him millions for the time he’s spent locked up,” says TMZ.

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Cyntoia Brown Will Finally Be Released Next Week.

CNN reports that Cyntoia Brown will be released from prison to parole supervision on August 7. The news comes from former Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, who is responsible for granting her clemency eight months back.

Brown, who was put behind bars at 16 and is now 31, was sentenced to life in prison after killing a Nashville man when he raped her and forced her into prostitution.

“According to Brown, she was raped and forced into prostitution by a pimp and ended up killing one of her clients out of self-defense,” CNN explains. “Though only 16 at the time, she was tried as an adult and given a life sentence.”

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Warner Bros. Has Let Go of Extra Host A.J. Calloway Amid Assault Claims.

Warner Bros. and A.J. Calloway have gone their separate ways following the studio’s investigation into multiple allegations of sexual assault made against the former Extra host.

“The company has investigated the claims made into Mr. Calloway’s conduct and he and the company have mutually agreed to part ways,” a Warner Bros. rep said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

In another statement, Calloway’s attorney, Lisa E. Davis, said, “Mr. Calloway maintains that these unsubstantiated allegations are patently false. He vehemently denies that he ever assaulted anyone and looks forward to clearing his name.”

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