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Meet Bernard Smalls, better known as Beanz. He is the Men's Lifestyle & Pop Culture writer for Cassius Life plus handles tech and video games for Hip-Hop Wired. Beanz has been with the company since 2019 and has been working as a writer for eight years. His favorite hobbies include video games, of course, and watching a lot of movies, mainly sci-fi. He also moonlights as a photographer in his spare time.

Looks like the team in NYC poised to make a big splash in free agency isn’t the one New Yorkers have been talking about all season long. Reports are indicating that Kyrie Irving’s time in Boston is over and he will be bringing his skills to B R O O K L Y N, and […]

NFL fans couldn’t have asked for a more perfect scenario. When HBO’s all-access show Hard Knocks returns, the Oakland Raiders and all of their dysfunction will take center stage this season. The team made it official yesterday in Tweet announcing their participation with the show which is now in its 14th season. So that means […]

Two New York senators are hoping to make an overdue change.

Looks like Disney owning both ESPN and Marvel makes for excellent crossover content. The two giants announced a collaboration that reimagined five classic Marvel comic book covers replacing the superheroes that graced them with the NFL’s top five 2019 draftees. First debuting during April’s live broadcast of the NFL draft, artists at the House of […]

Anthony Joshua is still reeling from the embarrassing and shocking defeat he suffered at the hands of massive underdog Andy Ruiz the sent shockwaves across the boxing and sport’s world. The unexpected loss pretty much put on hold, for now, any idea of a matchup between Joshua and the Bronze Bomber, Deontay Wilder. Speaking with […]

Residents can fill up on clean water Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Guess we need to change the name from "Wheelchair game" to "The Runs Game."

VC is notorious for pump faking when it comes to walking away from the game.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel was the subject of claims of being racist by Meek Mill when they refused to allow him entry to see a Mustard concert. The Vegas hotel initially claimed the reason for its decision was due to capacity issues and not the rapper’s skin color. Well, it would seem the threat of a […]

Megan Thee Stallion is not only a “Big Ole Freak” but also has a big ole heart to match. When a Twitter user reached out to the “Realer” rapper telling her about a fan of hers that died after seeing her perform, she immediately opened up her wallet and donated money to the fans funeral […]