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Just about any topic is fair game on Twitter these days, but there are still three things on which we have generally agreed to never speak ill: the Obamas, Beyoncé and Black Panther. Lupe Fiasco, however, is now two for three when it comes to breaking that rule. The Food & Liquor rapper posted a slightly-critical review of the Marvel blockbuster […]

Nothing leaves white folks shook quite like Black excellence. Especially, the kind that dismantles the myth of white supremacy. Lately, we’ve witnessed this happening in Hollywood on a scale nobody saw coming. Well, nobody except Black folks. We’re talking about Black Panther‘s total and complete domination at the box office: five weeks and counting at […]

It's just the latest effort in the star's long history of charitable work.

A timeline of Yeezy’s moves since that infamous day on stage.