Oh, word?  Looks like Jermaine Cole's alleged hoop dreams of balling professionally in the NBA might come true.

No Limit general Master P is hinting that J. Cole is looking to follow in his footsteps...athletically.

Following the game, Bleacher Reports' Taylor Rooks asked Isaac why he didn't kneel and he offered a word salad of an explanation that would make Donald Trump proud.

Scottie Pippen is calling BULLsh*t on claims that he has a beef with his former teammate, Michael Jordan.

Denver Nuggets rookie Michael Porter Jr.'s third eye is open, and honestly, he should have kept it closed.

A photo surfaced online when a "rapper" named Jack Harlow shared a photo of Lou Will at the booty-shaking palace.

The NBA is back, but the fight for social justice continues, and of the leaders in the league is making sure Breonna Taylor's murders are brought to justice.