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CamSoda Offers Brooklyn Nets' James Harden Free VIP Pass

Source: Streeter Lecka / Getty

Despite it not being well-received, the NBA All-Star Game and some of its festivities are going down in Atlanta, the strip club capital, on March 7. Adult site CamSoda is making a pitch to the Brooklyn Nets to keep its players out of the state’s legendary booty clubs.

The Brooklyn Nets are the first team since the 2018-19 season to have three of its players participating in the NBA All-Star game. Realizing the Nets have the most to lose because the NBA’s big night, where all of its stars shine brightly, is taking place in Atlanta, there is concern some of the players, most specifically strip club connoisseur, James Harden, would risk temptation and partake in the All-Star weekend festivities that will be going on despite the country still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CamSoda’s Vice President, Daryn Parker, wrote a letter to Brooklyn Nets governor Joe Tsai, expressing concern about the situation and offered the Nets superstars a free VIP site access, describing it as “their own personal concierge service that they can access 24/7 with the quick touch of a button from the safe confines of their hotel suite.

Parker even ups the ante telling Tsai that if one of his players balls out in the NBA All-Star game, he will give the entire team Elite VIP member status and will extend the membership until next season if the Nets win the NBA championship.

It sounds like an offer no one can refuse. Do you think James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving should take him up on it?

You can read the entire letter from Parker to Tsai below.

Dear Mr. Joe Tsai,

With the 2021 NBA All-Star Game quickly approaching and Brooklyn sending the largest contingent to Atlanta, we here at CamSoda want to make sure that your players stay safe on and off the court. It’s no secret that some of your All-Stars have an affinity for nightlife and scantily clad women (cough*James Harden*cough*), and there’s nothing wrong with that! But we don’t want to see the Nets championship aspirations put in jeopardy because KD, Kyrie, or James gave in to the temptations of, say, Magic City (famous strip club in Atlanta, FYI).

This being said, I’d like to bring the strip club to them virtually by formally providing KD, Kyrie, and James with Elite VIP member access to CamSoda, the leading adult webcam platform. As Elite VIP members, the guys will be provided with a personal representative who will fulfill model requests for them and help them to connect with any model on our platform 24/7/365 (think of it like a personal hotel concierge service but for an adult webcam site). This should be useful during the All-Star break when they’re stuffed up in the comfy confines of their palatial hotel rooms. And to keep the local flavor we know they love, we are offering any Atlanta dancers the opportunity to work from home during All-Star weekend by signing up for CamSoda, where they will keep 1007 percent of their earnings for the weekend.

I’ll even double-down and give the entire Nets team Elite VIP member status until the end of the season if one of your players balls out and is named All-Star Game MVP. If they bring an NBA title to Brooklyn, we can talk about extending the membership to next season, too.

Photo: Streeter Lecka / Getty