Last week, Spike Lee's famous "40 Acres and A Mule" international headquarters was turned into a living, breathing time machine for a crowd of about 100 sneaker enthusiasts, members of the press, celebrities, and influencers for Jordan Brand's special invite-only release of the new Jordan Fly '89.


A t the close of another year in pop culture, there is always one burning Q: Who got next? While we don’t anticipate another Bey in this lifetime—or Michael Jackson, Prince, etc.—there will always be other special stars who break open new molds and are forces of nature in their own right. Some current faves have […]

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Black love is one of the most powerful unions in the Universe. But much like everything else in life when it comes to Black people, Black couples are not as praised and magnified as they should be. Kodak Black’s recent comments about preferring not to date Black women is only the icing on top of […]

You remember them from when they were young. For the most part they played some brats, but it was okay. That just means they were good at their jobs. But since we’ve seen them on our favorite shows, what do they look like now? Take a look at these child stars who are all grown […]

Chapter One A Stop on the Salt Route 1000 B.C. As they rounded a bend in the path that ran beside the river, Lara recognized the silhouette of a fig tree atop a nearby hill. The weather was hot and the days were long. The fig tree was in full leaf, but not yet bearing […]

From the Creator and Executive Producer of the hit VH1 series Love & Listings comes The Dream Treatment, a new reality-makeover show hosted by one of Hip Hop’s biggest female stars– rapper, singer/songwriter and entrepreneur Saweetie.  Saweetie, who came from humble beginnings, is all about giving back…especially during the holidays. In each episode of The Dream Treatment, Saweetie and her […]