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Obama Recieves JFK Profile In Courage Award

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

We LOVE The Obamas.

There’s really not more to it.

This week, they celebrate 25 years of marriage. And we celebrate them.

Step on in.


1. Mr. & Mrs. Obama

46th Annual Legislative Conference Of The Congressional Black Caucus - Day 4 Source:Getty

Our former President Barack Obama and first lady, Michelle Obama lit up every event they attended, including 46th Annual Legislative Conference Of The Congressional Black Caucus.

2. He Always Admires His Lovely Wife

Italian Prime Minister Visits The White House Source:Getty

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, is definitely the apple of Barack’s eye, as he never hesitated to admire his lovely wife, on and off camera.

3. Real Smiles

US President Barack Obama delivers his farewell address Source:Getty

Although we were a bit sad, our favorite President and first lady were all smiles per usual as he delivered his farewell address at the McCormick Place.

4. Style And Grace


Even with the electing of a new Commander In Chief, Barack Obama and Michelle always kept it classy and never lost their stride of integrity.

5. Seeing them makes us happy.

the Hillary Clinton 'Get Out The Vote' rally with Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi Source:Getty

When they stare at each other, WE feel it. And when they smile at each other, WE melt.

6. Look Back.

Obama Recieves JFK Profile In Courage Award Source:Getty

The Former U.S. President Barack Obama never refused an opportunity to watch as his wife, even when we watched him.

7. Suited and Booted

President Obama Hosts State Dinner For Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Source:Getty

Style was never an issue for Barack and his Queen. We awaited each arrival patiently and we were never disappointed by their fashions.

8. Michelle, the belle

US President Barack Obama stands with Fi Source:Getty

Our former First Lady Michelle Obama was the most stylish woman in the White House since Jackie O. Her style was effortless and chic. Always.

9. Black Love


The world received the perfect dose of black love, for 8 years in a row. The world may never be that lucky, again.

10. The Best Example

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcomes Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Mrs. Margarita Zavala to the evenings State Dinner at the White House. Source:Getty

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle, will forever be a hard act to follow. But we”ll follow them forever.

11. Farewell


The former President and First Lady may no longer be in the White House, but their impact is sketched in our hearts forever.