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Bill Cosby may be free, but more women have come forward accusing him of sexual assault.

According to the HuffPost, a lawsuit filed in federal court in Nevada states that nine more women are accusing him of crimes between 1979 and 1992.

The suit says that he drugged and assaulted these women in varying locations like Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe homes, dressing rooms and hotels.

The women named in the lawsuit are model Janice Dickinson, Lise-Lotte Lublin, Janice Baker Kinney, Lili Bernard, Heidi Thomas, Linda Kirkpatrick, Rebecca Cooper, Pam Joy Abeyta, and Angela Leslie all claiming he used his “enormous power, fame and prestige” to abuse them.

The accusations come as Nevada lifts its previous law that required adults to file civil sexual abuse cases within two years of the incident, now being dubbed “lookback laws.” The changed law gives people like Lublin a chance to condemn their abuser after years of silence.

“With the new law change, I now have the ability to take my assailant Bill Cosby to court. My journey has just begun, but I am grateful for this opportunity to find justice,” Lublin said in a statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt reacted to the newly filed suit, saying that the women don’t want justice but have ulterior motives of wanting media attention.

“Mr. Cosby is a Citizen of these United States but these judges and lawmakers are consistently allowing these civil suits to flood their dockets-knowing that these women are not fighting for victims-but for their addiction to massive amounts of media attention and greed,” Wyatt said. “From this day forward, we will not continue to allow these women to parade various accounts of an alleged allegation against Mr. Cosby anymore without vetting them in the court of public opinion and inside of the courtroom.”

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