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The 2017 smash single “Wild Thoughts” was the 31st Top Ten single U.S. single for Rihanna, DJ Khaled’s third Top Top hit, and the first one for R&B singer Bryson Tiller. But according to Khaled’s recent appearance on the Drink Champs podcast, he started to have some wild thoughts of his own when he needed Tiller to redo a part of the song, and the crooner stopped returning Khaled’s phone calls.

“So I called Bryson Tiller like, ‘Yo, good news. The RiRi vocals are in. Great news,’” the We The Best CEO told hosts N.O.R.E and DJ EFN. “I go to Bryson Tiller’s house in L.A., I play him the record, we all excited, ‘I need you to cut your vocals up because now the music’s pitched up, so you gotta cut your vocals up.’ Even me, I had to change my sh-t. He said, ‘No problem.’”

However, Khaled was under the gun because he only had two weeks left until his album Grateful was scheduled to drop. But after that last convo between him and Tiller, the singer apparently went radio silent.

“I got f-cking Rihanna vocals, one of the biggest records of my career,” Khaled said on the podcast. “He’s not picking up the phone. I jump in my car, I drive to his house. He has a gate. I’m flashing my lights, honking my horn, sending texts, nobody’s replying.”

“One thing about me, anybody know me, I don’t play no games,” he added. “Eventually, shout out to Rich the Barber, he comes outside, Bryson comes out, they open the gate. I was already climbing the gate. You think I’m playing? Ask them, call them. Call them, get their version. It might be more intense.”

In the end, however, Khaled said it’s all love between him and the Kentuckian. “But at that time, it was like the rise of a new star, but very f-cking potent,” the music exec explained. “Rihanna went to [Bryson’s] show, Justin Bieber went to his show, stars were coming out to his show. You know, it’s what I do, I knew that energy. I was a fan, I’m still a fan, we make music to this day.”