Twitter Is Flaming Drake's Justin Bierber-Like Certified Lover Boy-Hairdo

Source: TM/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

Drake is gearing to drop his latest album, Certified Lover Boy, and to help push it, he debuted a new hairdo.

The “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper had folks talking when he decided to trade in his signature part for a heart design showing he is all in on this “Lover Boy” persona.

Apparently, the 6 God wasn’t stopping there. Drizzy debuted a new do, this time featuring a bayang to compliment his cheesy heart-part on his Instagram story captioned “Big #Mood.”

Fans immediately reacted, with some believing Drake’s new do is photoshopped or either some sort of stunt to help promote the album. More than likely, it’s probably for a new video cause we all know Drake is here for the theatrics when it comes to his visuals. Plus, the man is a retired actor, so it should come as no surprise that he goes all out for roles.

But that didn’t stop the jokes from coming in. Twitter didn’t miss the opportunity to flame Drizzy, comparing him to Nene Leaks, Dave Chappelle’s hilariously famous caucasian news anchor Chuck Taylor and other hilarious memes. One Twitter user joked, “Even Drake’s hair has feels.”

Another user asked, “Why does Drake’s new hair style look like 2010 Justin Bieber?”

Of course, you can always find someone who likes ridiculousness. One user, more than likely a fan of all things Drake asked, “Drake’s hair is hard you guys are buggin,” said one person. “Who trying to bleach a heart into my hair like drake?”

There were plenty of other reactions as well. You can peep them all in the gallery below.

Photo: TM/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

1. Accurate

2. LOL True

3. We think this is the look he is going for.

4. Tears

5. HA

6. Damn his hair beat out COVID?

7. No lies detected

8. We rebuke his hair

9. Understsandable

10. Felt this

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