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Omarosa made her small screen debut in 2004 on The Apprentice. Since then, she has been one of the most vicious villains on reality television and now, with more than 14 years in front of the camera, she has also become the queen of the sunken place. Much of the former White House staffer’s career has been focused on demeaning her own community and, most recently, defending our racist president.

Here is every time Omarosa proved she is the rightful queen of the sunken place.

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1. Omarosa vs. Wendy Williams

In 2008, Omarosa appeared on the first season of “The Wendy Williams Show” and things quickly got ugly when the reality star tried to shame the talk show host for alleged plastic surgery. Wendy would be one of many Black women Omarosa attacked in the media.

2. La Toya Jackson

In 2012, Omarosa appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” with La Toya Jackson. After constantly being attacked by Omarosa, La Toya clapped back and Omarosa had a breakdown. Omarosa famously threatened to sue La Toya. Girl, who has a feud with La Toya Jackson? SMH.

3. Omarosa Defending Trump Wanting To Jail Women For Abortion

In March of 2016, Trump actually said if abortion were illegal, the punishment for women should be jail. The conservative movement’s position has always been doctors should be incarcerated, not the women. Of course, Trump didn’t know this about his own party and Omarosa was there to defend him.

4. Joy-Ann Reid

Omaorsa was riding hard on the Trump train in April 2016 and was not happy when former participants on ‘The Apprentice’ called out his racism. However, when she appeared on MSNBC with Joy-Ann Reid, the reality star was clearly not ready to have her BS challenged.

5. Bow Down

During the 2016 campaign, Omarosa creepily said “every critic” will “bow down” to Trump. Is she talking about Trump or Kim Jong-un? This is a classic sunken moment.

6. Omarosa Crying About Her Black Friends

No tears were shed for Omarosa when she bawled about her Black friends bailing on her. Sis, they just didn’t want to join you in that sunken place.

7. NABJ Madness

In August of 2017, the National Association of Black Journalists held Omarosa accountable for working for a racist president. The reality star couldn’t handle it — watch Ed Gordon give her a lesson.

8. Omarosa Licking The Boots Of Fox News

Nothing gets more sunken than defending a racist president on Fox News. On Tucker Carlson’s show, Omarosa co-signed Trump’s handling of Charlottesville in August of 2017. This is absolutely deplorable.

9. Always Selling

After being fired from the White House in December of 2017 — or as Omarosa likes to say, “resigned” — she appeared ready to sell a book about being the only African-American on the White House senior staff. Girl, no one cares!

10. April Ryan Outs Omarosa

Political analyst April Ryan blew the lid off Omarosa “resigning” from the White House. Ryan claimed she was not only fired, but escorted off the White House. Yep, Omarosa was fighting to stay in the sunken place.

11. Robin Roberts

After Robin Roberts reacted with a “Bye, Felicia” to Omarosa saying she has a story to tell, the reality star couldn’t help but respond. She called Robin’s two words, “It’s a Black woman civil war.”