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French Montana Is Getting Called Out By 'Power' Fans For Spoiling The Show

Source: Theo Wargo / Getty

It’s one thing for rappers to diss each other, but you officially are doing too much when you spoil Power. French Montana learned that the hard way over the weekend.


The “No Stylist” rapper has been going back and forth with 50 Cent ever since the G-Unit general and professional internet troll clowned Montana for buying an “old Bugatti.” French thinking he was hurting 50 only hurt himself when he leaked a pivotal moment from Sunday night’s (Jan.5) premiere of the Starz hit drama that is executive produced by 50 Cent.

Montana turned his trolling up another level by posting a video featuring the most significant moment from the episode that featured the character Dre played by actor/musician Rotimi. Montana probably thought this was a good idea in his head and figured he finally hit 50 Cent where it hurt. Instead, it only earned him a dragging because we take our Power very seriously. The only ones who can spoil the show without much consequence are loyal viewers when the show drops at the stroke of midnight.

French definitely should have known better as well cause when you mess with anything revolving around Power and the fans don’t care for it, you are gonna get called out for it. Trey Songz found that out when he agreed to sing an updated version of the show’s insanely popular theme song that didn’t feature Joe on it. Even 50 Cent felt the wrath of Power fans when he explained he wanted to bring something fresh and new for the final season.

French definitely might have lost fans with this move based on the reactions to spoiling the show. It also gave 50 some ammo cause he clearly watches the show. You can see what fans had to say to Montana below.

Photo: Theo Wargo / Getty