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Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley

Source: Mike Ehrmann / Getty

YouTuber Jake Paul complained about brain damage he’s been having prior to his rematch with former UFC champ Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley. But on Saturday night, Paul didn’t look punch drunk at all – in fact, he delivered a mean right hook that probably gave Woodley some CTE of his own as “The Chosen One” squarely faceplanted at 2:12 of of the sixth round.

“Caught slipping,” Woodley posted on IG the following day. “Only takes one shot. One Mistake. Beautifully timed. Had he dropped his hand i would be celebrating. No hate. Love. I was ready. I was in shape, and blessed to trust God and believe. Heart broken, but not broken.”

In their first meetup earlier this year, Paul took the victory by split decision. However, Woodley believed he won that fight. “It looked like [Paul] was busier,” he told CBS Sports the day before the rematch. “You have to judge a round after the round. You don’t judge a whole fight when you see it. If they judged the whole fight, at the end they would have said that I won.”

This second time around, Paul raised the stakes by including a half-million dollar bonus in the contract if the ex-MMA champ could lay Paul out instead. But Jake Bostwick, Paul’s sparring partner, told Betway US blog that the money was only a trap to lure Woodley into a slugfest he couldn’t win.

“If Tyron comes out swinging he could get caught and we know Jake has power, don’t sleep on Jake’s power,” Bostwick said. “I think Woodley will come out with a fire under his a** and try to bang but he’s got to be smart.”

Woodley reportedly took this second fight on two weeks’ notice after reality TV star Tommy Fury, Paul’s initial opponent, dropped out. With Saturday night’s loss, The Chosen One is now 0-6 in his last half dozen fights since dropping his 2018 rap single, “I’ll Beat Yo Ass.”

For his part, Paul gave Woodley props for his MMA career and still showing up to fight with a short training camp. But then, the 24-year-old Internet celeb turned called out mixed martial artists like Nate Diaz and Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal for leaving the arena after the fight, especially since Masvidal picked Woodley to win both times.

“I just knocked out a five-time UFC champion and embarrassed your whole company,” Paul said. “And please, please let me get Kamaru Usman. Please let me get Diaz. Please let me get Masvidal. Please let me get McGregor. Because I’m going to embarrass them, too. I promise you that, Dana [White]. I promise you that.”

But Masvidal didn’t take kindly to Paul’s callout at all, and he invited Paul to come tussle on his turf instead. “Shoutout to Frank Gore, shoutout to Tyron Woodley. Now to address that lil b***h,” Gamebred said on Twitter. “Listen, you can’t afford me. The names that you mentioned, you can’t afford. I know what you pay. You talk a big game, and it’s bulls**t.”

“You’re giving out free tickets to the fights,” Masvidal continued. “I fight for money, or to fight the best in the world. You’re neither. If you want to come to the UFC, sign a one-fight deal, I’ll break your jaw in front of the whole world. None of that boxing s**t where I can’t slam you on your spinal cord. If you want it, it’s here.”