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Does Kevin Love want out of Cleveland? It sure does look that way. 

During Monday night’s (Apr.26) matchup with the Toronto Raptors, veteran forward Kevin Love gave all indications that his time as Cavalier needs to come to an end. Late in the fourth quarter, with the Cavs only being down 4, Love seemed to throw an ill-timed tantrum after Toronto rookie guard Malachi Flynn drove to the basket scoring on a lay-up to extend the Raptors lead to 6 with just under a minute left.

Following the basket, Love should have easily inbounded the ball to teammate Darius Garland. Instead, he batted the ball as it was passed to him by the official, turning it over, leading to a wide-open 3-pointer that pretty much sealed the deal for Toronto while Garland and everyone else watched in confusion.

This latest incident is not the first time Love has shown frustration on the court when it comes to his young teammates. In January, Love didn’t hide his anger with point guard Collin Sexton during an offensive set. He also allegedly screamed at GM Kolby Altman before the game in front of the entire team.

Since LeBron James took his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018, it’s been all downhill for Love, who at one time was considered one of the league’s best forwards. He has been beset with toe and calf injuries and has played in just 96 games over the last three seasons.

Love has made it abundantly clear that he would welcome a trade to a contender to contribute and play in some meaningful games because the whole mentorship thing isn’t working out for him. But, his expensive contract and deteriorating skills aren’t catching any team’s eyes at the moment.

It’s sad that Love’s time with the Cavs is ending this way, especially because he helped them win their first championship. You can peep more reactions to Kevin Love’s temper tantrum in the gallery below.

Photo: Nic Antaya / Getty


Kevin Love is definitely at this point. 






A very easy selection. 


At all. 


Pretty much. 


Stealing checks. 


The pure definition of it. 




Is he?