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Tomorrow is H.E.R.’s birthday and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate.

Born Gabriella Wilson, the California native has taken R&B by storm — and we’re not at all surprised as the singer/songwriter is incredibly talented, having already won a few Grammy Awards and more. With the nation and parts of the world protesting racism and police violence, aimed at the Black community, Wilson has also used her platform to speak up for justice and equality.

In one emotionally charged post, for example, she responded to George Floyd’s death.

“HOW CAN YOU HATE PEOPLE SO MUCH THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DEHUMANIZE THEM AND JUSTIFY TAKING THEIR LIFE. LET ALONE LIVE WITH YOURSELF AFTER BRUTALLY TAKING SOMEONE AWAY FROM THEIR MOTHER, SISTER, BROTHER, FRIEND.. Let’s not forget to acknowledge and pray for the mothers of these Black men and women,” she wrote, adding “So I just wanna say, God put your hands on the people that are unfairly suffering and mourning the loss of someone they love. We are suffering with you. We are grieving with you. And I pray for all the black mothers that fear for their sons life every single day. I am DEVASTATED and torn apart at the amount that we are seeing. Imagine how much we have not seen. Imagine what hasn’t been caught on camera. Use your voice speak out. Whether your Black, White, Asian. Etc. Doesn’t matter. . USE YOUR PLATFORM “IF YOU ARE NEUTRAL IN SITUATIONS OF INJUSTICE YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE SIDE OF THE OPPRESSOR.” – desmond tutu  #justiceforgeorgefloyd and all those that have lost their life because of police brutality #BlackLivesMatter 💔💔💔”

Gifted, absolutely gorgeous, and an all-out advocate for women’s rights and the Black community— what’s not to love? Join us in wishing H.E.R. a happy, happy birthday!

1. Too cool.

2. Too cute.

3. So beautiful.

4. Flawless.

5. Beautiful brown skin.

6. Comfy vibes.

7. Pucker up.

8. Good vibes only.

9. Regal.

10. Too fly.

11. An icon.

12. A living legend.

13. A star.

14. We love you, H.E.R. Happy Birthday!