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2024 New York Yankees Spring Training

Source: New York Yankees / Getty

MLB teams reported to spring training just days ago, and there’s already a controversy brewing through the locker room.

There’s been no sign stealing or HGH use, but there’s literally a problem in the locker room because it’s got everything to do with the uniforms.

Sportwear juggernaut Nike is behind the newly designed uniforms, but Fanatics actually manufactures them.

You’d think Nike, with more than 50 years in the outfitting industry and decades of producing professional uniforms, would have no problem stepping up to the plate for the MLB, but it turns out the new Nike Vapor Premier jerseys haven’t been well-received.

“I think that the performance wear might feel nice, but the look of it is like a knockoff jersey from T.J.Maxx,” one pitcher told The Baltimore Banner. “Whatever they are, they aren’t that great. I don’t enjoy them, really. They get the job done. But I’m more concerned for the position players, because they’re — it’s a really thin material. So the only thing these things may — may — have over last year’s stuff is they’re slightly more breathable. And, honestly, I’m going to trade that in all day, every day, for the jerseys and pants we had last year. I’m not a fan of them, and I think that’s pretty much the consensus, too.”

Nike touts that the new technology developed over several years is meant to “improve mobility, moisture management and fit, while keeping sustainability in mind.” And if you’ve ever worn anything Dri-fit, you’d understand that the uber-thin and light material is usually great for sweat-wicking and not allowing moisture to build up.

Despite the hate, Nike says the material is made of 90% recycled yarn, is stretchier, and helps the jersey dry 28% faster.

But fans don’t care too much about the performance aspect and are focused on the appearance, showcasing a thinner material that’s so see-through you can see players’ jerseys tucked into their pants and crotch shots no one asked for.

A side-by-side comparison shows a more wrinkled back on the jersey, a lowered MLB logo, and smaller jersey names.

Nike says they were well received when players sported them during last year’s All-Star game, and they consulted with over 300 players on the new design. So it looks like, much to fans’ dismay, they’re here to stay.

See below how social media is reacting to uniforms.