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It’s no secret: on top of being drop-dead gorgeous and talented, Jill Scott has a certain amount of sex appeal that she isn’t afraid to unleash when she’s feeling sensual.

Needless to say, the internet banded together in desperation and thirst when a rumor surfaced that there might be a Jill Scott sex tape floating around. Everyone was hoping and praying the rumor was true. Unfortunately for Miss Scott’s prospective Only Fans constituency, the tape does not exist… apparently… allegedly.

It seems Jill may have had a good laugh as the rumor circulated on social media. The beauty hit Twitter and, in but so many words, told everyone to simmer down and find another way to quench their thirst. “Say word!?! I expect this energy when my new movies, albums and tv show drop. Ya’ll too much. #headedbacktowork #hydrate,” Jill tweeted. Ha! 

To be fair, the thirst is warranted because, again, we are talking about thee Jill Scott here. It’s the way she walks, the way she talks… it’s everything about her. This is us when Miss Jill does, well, anything:

Not to mention, that viral… ahem… mic performance that had absolutely everyone shook just a few years ago. If you missed that, promptly tune in:

More sexy photos of the Queen below. Thank us later.

1. Jill truly makes love to the music.

Jill Scott Summer Block Party Source:Getty

2. And we love every passionate moment.

Jill Scott Summer Block Party Source:Getty

3. Just look at her.

2018 Essence Festival - Day 1 Source:Getty

4. She means business.

Jill Scott Performs At Pechanga Casino Source:Getty

5. A queen on the mic.

Neighborhood Awards Beach Party Source:Getty

6. Her smile is everything.

Neighborhood Awards Beach Party Source:Getty

7. We love you beautiful! & We’re staying tuned for everything you have in store.

2017 ONE Music Fest Source:Getty