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1. Marlon Peterson

Ebony Magazine's Power 100 Gala - Arrivals Source:Getty

After spending all of his twenties in the New York State prison system, Marlon dedicated his life to advocacy and education. He’s the founder The Precedential Group, a social justice consulting firm, and host of the Decarcerated Podcast, a space to talk change and progress.

2. Emma Gonzalez

March For Our Lives - Washington, DC Source:Getty

“We Call B.S.” Emma had a tremendous reason for coining the phrase— she’s a survivor of the Parkland mass shooting. Since the horrific event, she’s become a voice for gun control and co-founded Never Again MSD (a gun control advocacy group).

3. Blair Imani

Ketel One Vodka Celebrates The LGBTQ Community At The GLAAD Gala San Francisco Source:Getty

Queer. Muslim. Woman. In 2017, Blair gained the public’s attention after she spoke the truth about her identities. Currently the executive director for Equality of HER, she continues to fight for the rights of women and non-binary people.

4. Tef Poe

Revolt Music Conference Source:WENN

Activism and artistry (rap to be exact) go hand-in-hand for Tef Poe. The hip-hop star is also the co-founder of Hands Up United, a movement created to directly combat injustice against Black people, particularly in St. Louis.

5. Opal Tometi

MoCADA 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball Source:Getty

As the leader of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), Opal spends her days educating and advocating for Black people and their communities.

6. Kortney Ziegler

2015 Out100 Celebration Source:Getty

We all know mass incarceration is a big problem in Black and brown communities. Kortney’s genius connects tech and advocacy via the Appolition app, which crowdfunds money to post bail.

7. Hebh Jamal

21st Annual Urbanworld Film Festival Source:Getty

Fighting Islamophobia is on the top of this teen’s to-do list. To accomplish that feat, Hebh’s consistently organizing, marching, and, perhaps most importantly, sharing her stories with the masses.

8. David Johns

TV One sponsored CBC Power Source:Getty

David (pictured with Laura Hall, the president of the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women) is the executive of the National Black Justice Coalition. His biggest goal: equity. He spends his time advocating for access, fair treatment and opportunity for Black youth.

9. Raquel Willis

Women's March On Washington Source:Getty

Raquel is all about mobilizing to create change. She is a national organizer for the Transgender Law Center and is a member of the Biden Foundation LGBTQ Equality Advisory Council.