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1. Accra, Ghana

Street market scene near Makola market Source:Getty

While there are so many countries in Africa worth experiencing, Ghana consistently ranks as one of the best, and has historically been a hub for Black Americans. The country has one of the more stable democracies in the continent. There is also a rising business boom in Accra, with many companies eager to hire foreign recruits, particularly those in the tech sector. Entrepreneurship is also on the rise in the country with many locals and expats collaborating on start-ups. And don’t worry about finances. The cost of living there is 15.86% lower than the United States, so your coins will go further there too.

2. Johannesburg, South Africa

Marketing team Source:Getty

Don’t let the media’s depiction of the African continent fool you, Mama Africa is lit. In South Africa, Johannesburg continues to be on the rise, particularly when it comes to tech. Some of the industry’s best and brightest are in Joburg, and areas like Maboneng have become collaborative hubs for rising startups, like Tastemakers Africa. The city is full of culture, has suburbs like Melrose Arch as the home of the Black glitterati and the U.S. dollar goes far (it’s 1 to 12.15 rand). Seems like good reasons to hit up Let Go.

3. Toronto, Canada

Reading Festival - Day 3 Source:Getty

Champagne Papi’s hometown is known for its good job market, free public school education, inexpensive universities, free healthcare system and amazing maternity leave packages (up to one year). Toronto also already has an established Black community. As a bonus, it’s close to many U.S. cities making it easier to stay close to family and friends in the states.

4. Singapore

Super tree and the dome with reflection at blue hour Source:Getty

This futuristic city-state has been slept on for years, but Black people are finally seeing Singapore for more than its selfie worthy Super Trees. Amazing food, cultural diversity and safety are making Singapore a huge draw for Black people interested in business and tech careers. Companies like Google, Amazon and Uber have set up shop in the region, which means lots of community building and career-changing opportunities (think generous salaries). The government places a high priority on quality of life, making relocating, even if just for a few years, a worthwhile endeavor.

5. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Young Man Holding Mayan Artifact Against El Castillon Pyramid Source:Getty

Think beyond a dope vacation. Mexico is actually home to a few thriving Black communities. Just check out areas like Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Tijuana, Monterrey and Mexico City. Why are brown folks there? Key areas in the country have become go to spots for Black digital nomads, like writers and e-business owners, looking to have a bit of the good life (warm weather, beaches and slower paces) everyday. The cost of living and blossoming community has more folks considering rushing to get on the other side of Trump’s wall.

6. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm City Hall Source:Getty

Stockholm in particular is great for anyone seeking a great work-life balance for their family. The Swedish government has created policies that ensure cultural diversity, clean and safe streets, reliable public transportation, fresh food, free tertiary education, and a progressive stance on gender equality. For example, dads receive 480 days of paid parental leave for newborns. Guess that’s why in 2017 Sweden was listed as the 10th happiest country in the world.

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Marina Urban Skyline Source:Getty

If you check out social media, the the United Arab Emirates (UAE), specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi, appear to be nothing more than a fancy playground for those looking to ‘do it for the ‘gram’. Wrong. Long before the infamous Etihad Airlines glitch of 2014, Black people have been living and thriving in the popular Middle Eastern cities. With career opportunities in everything from education to medicine, companies fully or partially covering rent and medical insurance, generous vacation time (not including religious holidays), low income tax rates and a life free from worry over becoming the next Black Lives Matter hashtag, it’s no wonder our people are flocking there by the plane load.