A few singles, deep-cuts, and key collaborations from one of the greatest rap groups of all-time.

There isn’t a Black soul born who is foreign to the great cons against Black art, and most importantly, Black sound. It’s a right of passage, since most of us were raised on the stories of Motown and grown folk music. The era of Blues, Jazz, Swing and even Country music weren’t only times of […]

OVO is the engine pushing Toronto to new economic heights.

Ownership is no longer a reality creatives hope to live in during the latter years of our careers. It’s a professional standard we all know is possible, and frankly, it’s absolutely necessary. The Information Age is transitioning into the Artificial Intelligence Age, where ideas can be turned into tangible assets and automatically delivered to target […]

Black women are the martyrs for the ills and wins of a genre they are never given credit for.

In Black culture, being dressed to the nines is of the utmost importance, as it helps build one’s confidence and is a direct reflection of their personality. Our fixation on fashion has trickled down throughout the years and is currently informed by Hip-Hop, which has emerged as a breeding ground for new styles and trends. […]