The first round of play-in games has come to a close, and it’ll be yet another postseason that the Golden State Warriors won’t be appearing in. Last night, the four-time champions took on the Sacramento Kings for the right to enter the playoffs. One of the biggest culprits for spoiling the Warriors’ season was Keegan […]

One day after yanking Patty Mills to the ground by his throat, Draymond Green returns with another moment of flagrancy. During last night’s Golden State Warriors game against the Orlando Magic, Paolo Banchero drove in for a layup as Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins tried to stop him. Wiggins caught the foul as Banchero drove […]

An indefinite suspension couldn’t stop Draymond Green from making questionable plays. His latest way-too-physical play came Tuesday night when his Golden State Warriors took on the Miami Heat. Green was trying to roll to the hoop to defend Bam Adebayo, but in order to get further in the paint he needed to get past Patty […]

The Golden State Warriors are definitely at the tail end of their saga, but some fans are ready to put some nails in the coffin. Sunday’s game against the Boston Celtics certainly didn’t help that narrative as the Warriors were utterly destroyed in a 140-88 loss. It’s a major switch from the two teams that […]

Two teams and five years later, Kevin Durant is finally ready to talk about his heartbreaking 2019 injury. Fans remember the 2019 Finals when Durant was still a member of the Golden State Warriors when he ruptured his Achilles in Game 5 against the Toronto Raptors. As the crowd chants his name, he yells, “F-ck,” […]

The trade that would have broken the internet. Super teams are a fairly new concept in the NBA, but pairing two of the greatest players of all- time would be unconscionable. But it almost happened when LeBron James and Steph Curry nearly teamed up. According to ESPN,  ahead of last week’s trade deadline, the Golden […]

Klay Thompson has no interest in splitting up from his fellow Splash Brother. It’s been no secret that Thompon’s play has diminished, and his stats are a far cry from his sharp shooting numbers from 2016. But leaving the Golden State Warriors to take his talents elsewhere has not crossed his mind. Thompson will be […]

Klay Thompson can relax and enjoy his birthday now that the NBA trade deadline has passed and he remains a Golden State Warrior. He turned 34 on Thursday. In recent days, rumors that he might be on the trading block proliferated, but it appears he’s staying with the team at least until the end of […]

Draymond Green may have just been reinstated for his latest on-court assault, but he’s once again choosing violence. His latest controversial move comes as the never-ending debate of the NBA’s GOAT suddenly fell at Kevin Durant’s feet during an interview with Arizona Republic’s Duane Rankin. For the last few years, the argument has been that […]

The Golden State Warriors dynasty isn’t exactly over, but it’s definitely showing signs of a cracking foundation. Last night, the Warriors suffered a 141-105 blowout loss at the hands of the New Orleans Pelicans. What made it worse was that it was at home. Even worse? It was their sixth loss in eight games, and […]

Now that Draymond Green’s officially been cleared to return to the court, he’s also back to his podcast. On The Draymond Green Show, he broke down what’s been going on in his life the past few weeks after he was indefinitely suspended for striking Jusuf Nurkic in the head and face back in a December […]

Ja Morant has returned to the court with a vengeance after his 25-game suspension, and now it’s time for one of his coworkers to do the same. After more than three weeks away from the team –losing about $2 million– Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green has been cleared to take the floor again. The […]