It’s no secret Aaron Rodgers is a huge fan of HBO‘s mega-popular original show Game of Thrones. Rodgers expressed as much during an interview on The Ringer back in 2017 even sharing theories of what direction the show was heading in. Last year the Packer’s quarterback left folks wondering if a GOT appearance was coming […]

Daenerys is finally making her push for the iron throne by taking on Cersei after what she did to our beloved Missandei. If you watched last week (and by now you should have), you would know she is down to only one dragon after Rhaegal was shot out of the sky by Uncle Euron and […]

"Does The Night King die? So who kills him? What happens?’ And no one would say anything," - GoT star Maisie Williams on Episode 3's stunning ending.

Last week on Game of Thrones everyone was BIG HORNY waiting for the arrival of the Night King. Finally, television’s most prominent villain and his army of wights showed up and showed the hell out in the most extended episode of the season clocking in 82 minutes. If you think we didn’t have time for […]

The Stark swashbuckler was going to go a different path, even stranger than now...

These facts & figures are truly astonishing...

Last week’s season 8 premiere got the ball rolling on the final season with reunions we have waited forever for, magic dragon rides and Jon finally learning who the hell he really is. Last night’s episode (Apr.21) picks right up where the premiere left off with Jaimie’s one-handed self arriving into Winterfell after a long […]

The wait is over, winter has arrived as Game of Thrones’ final season has officially begun, and the first episode didn’t waste any time making things exciting with some crucial moments that set the table immediately for the curtain call. Washpoppin In Winterfell? Previously on Game of Thrones, Dany and Jon finally knocked incestuous boots […]

The acclaimed “post-Black” artist talks about his first narrative feature film, which just debuted on HBO, and how it updates the novel’s enduring tragedy of Black identity under white supremacy to the present.

The final season of Game of Thrones is almost upon us. While we are eager to head back to Westeros, we are also dreading having to say goodbye to HBO‘s epic original show. Following what is being described as a grand series finale HBO will air a 2-hour making of documentary to help us say […]

"What this film seeks to do is humanize Sandy as a person. I think that we achieved that very well," Sandra Bland's sister, Sharon Cooper, said.