Ryan Coogler Ryan Coogler’s already got some big marquees under his name like the Creed franchise, Black Panther and Judas and the Black Messiah. But the director’s only 36 years old which is both impressive because he’s already got so much under his belt, but scary because he’s still got so much more to accomplish. […]

These five black actors/actresses exude black excellence.

With the recent success of television series such as FX's "Snowfall" and Amazon Prime's "Harlem" returning to the screen, we felt it was best to take a look at the star talent fueling these show's popularity and adding luster to their resumes.

Hollywood is a big rich town. Bright lights, city life, with many actors trying to make it. Power Book II: Ghost‘s star Michael Rainey Jr., knows all about that hustle as he continues to shine in his current role as our favorite young street-savvy hustler, Tariq St. Patrick. But don’t get it twisted; he’s got […]