Prince will be celebrated in his hometown once again. The late icon called Minneapolis home and the stage version of his Purple Rain movie will open in the city.

The good news is that the Prince Estate announced last week that the classic movie 'Purple Rain' will become a stage musical as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

Someone wanted a piece of music history and was willing to shell out thousands to get it.

Prince was Minneapolis’ favorite son who arguably put the city on the global map. Though he had homes in other places, his Paisley Park entertainment complex was where he primarily worked.

Though the late, great Prince became an ascended master in 2016, interest hasn't waned in the vault of music he left behind.

Prince was an iconic artist who set fashion trends and often designed the concepts for his impeccable onstage looks.

Prince would have celebrated his 65th birthday this week, and the annual Celebration at his Paisley Park studio and soundstage kicked off near Minneapolis today.

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