Major League Baseball has finally figured out a justifiable punishment for the Houston Astros. During the 2017 World Series, the Texas team began stealing signs, noting what the opposing pitcher was throwing next and properly preparing the batter for it. Stealing signs isn’t technically against official MLB rules, but because the Astros went above and […]

The Washington Nationals flopped during their homestand in this year’s World Series, losing three straight in their building, but the home crowd came through. Fresh off from pounding his chest after announcing the death of the top criminal in the world, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Donald Trump and his cronies attended game 5 of the series. […]

The Front

Kanye West Designs Clothing to Get Black Voters to Go Conservative Today in Kanye’s coonery: he’s making a “political statement” through his latest apparel line that aims to encourage Black voters to ditch the Democratic party. Ye is designing for the “Blexit” campaign, an organization that describes itself as “a frequency for those who have […]