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Funeral Held For Botham Shem Jean, Who Was Killed By Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger When She Entered Wrong Apartment

Source: Stewart F. House / Getty

Joshua Brown — a neighbor of Botham Jean and  a key witness in the murder trial against Amber Guyger —was shot to death on Friday night. The shooting occurred in the parking garage of the same complex Botham Jean was shot and killed in September 2018.

Brown was found in the garage by witnesses who then flagged down the police. CNN  reports that he had been shot in the mouth, which could hint to this have being a direct retaliatory act for his testimony against Amber Guyger earlier in the week. This theory has not been confirmed by the Dallas Police Department.

During Brown’s testimony, he described Guyger and Jean as sounding like they were surprised to be meeting. Moments later, he heard gunshots. During Brown’s testimony, he also mentioned how he is very aware that he could have very easily been a victim of the same gun violence that ended up taking the life of his next-door neighbor, Botham.

At the time of Brown’s death, he did not have any identification on him, and his family was not notified until his identity could be confirmed by medical examiner. At this moment, there are no leads.