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50 Cent’s A Moment in Time Docuseries Will Feature Tekashi 6ix9ine.

While it’s not quite the Tekashi biopic folks were thinking it’d be, it looks like the rumors were somewhat true: 50 Cent is indeed producing a docuseries that will highlight the legal tribulations of Tekashi 6ix9inene, Snoop Dogg, himself, among others.

Titled A Moment in Time, the series will deliver “harsh, but fair coverage of all the stories, especially the controversy,” according to The Source. And in case you were wondering, the episode about 50 will indeed chronicle his Jimmy Henchman beef.

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Houston Rockets’ GM Has Apologized for His Hong Kong Tweet.

On Sunday, Daryl Morey attempted to apologize for his now-deleted tweet that spoke in support of the Hong Kong protests. His apologize comes after the Chinese Consulate-General in Houston and the Chinese Basketball Association expressed their anger.

“Morey’s apology underscores the difficulty American companies face when they want to do business within China’s massive economy, but can’t run the risk of saying anything that will upset the country’s autocratic government,” CNBC explains. “His apology had drawn more than a thousand replies as of 10 a.m. Monday Hong Kong time (10 p.m. Sunday ET), most of them urging him not to apologize.”

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Instagram Is Finally Getting Rid of That Damn Following Activity Tab.

Seriously. Who needed it anyway? We can now like what we want to like in peaceand resist the urge to check up on bae — thanks to Instagram ditching the “Following” activity tab. We’re not sure why they created it in the first place. Rabble rousers, if you ask us.

According to Complex via Buzzfeed, the tab first disappeared for just a few select users. But starting next week, the tab will be a distant memory. Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product, said “simplicity was the driving factor.”

“In place of the once-heartbreaking Following tab, an activity monitor will still reside, albeit one dedicated entirely to your activity and your activity only,” Complex explains. “Previously, the tab was toggleable between the activity of accounts you follow and your own personal activity.”

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