Now that the Philadelphia 76ers have bowed out of the second round of the NBA playoffs, rumors are circulating that NBA veteran James Harden wants to return to his old team, the Houston Rockets. Although he was a big part of the reason why the Sixers pushed the Celtics to a deciding Game 7, Harden […]

The embattled Boston Celtics coach has a second chance and will take his talents to Texas as the new head coach for the Houston Rockets.

John Wall appeared on the 'Run Your Race' podcast, and he said his time with the Houston Rockets and James Harden was "Trash — beyond trash!"

Wizards broadcaster Glenn Consor's attempt at being clever could lead to him being fired.

Could James Harden and his honey-bun infused toxic energy he was giving off been the blame for the Houston Rockets tumultuous start? It sure does seem that way.

So this was the reason Russell Westbrook demanded the Houston Rockets trade him.

Disgruntled NBA superstar James Harden finally made his 2020-21 preseason debut with Houston Rockets, and he looked a bit on the heavy side. Social media had jokes.