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Hipsters Grill Meister Grilling Hamburgers at a Summer Backyard BBQ

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Between the career grind and bopping around town once that summer weather finally breaks, it’s easy to forget to map out your summer plans. Then the holiday creeps up on you like joint pain and you’re sitting there wondering, “How did this become my life?”

It’s never too late to make something happen, especially if you get creative.

Don’t settle for less. Here are four last-minute ideas to get your life right for the holiday weekend.

Potluck style beach day or picnic with friends.

So you failed at “planning” a cookout? Don’t kill yourself with last minute shopping, cleaning the house and cooking for everybody and their mommas. Hit up your friends and figure out who else would be down to bring one dish or an adult beverage to the beach or park and have an impromptu picnic. Spontaneity leads to some of the most epic times. And don’t forget to put someone in charge of music for maximum vibes.

Book a last minute trip.

Whether you want to go someplace domestic or international, there are tons of tools online to help you book travel in a pinch. If you have a roadie who is always down for an adventure, hit them up, pick a spot on the map and make it happen. And don’t be afraid to fly solo and explore somewhere on your own if your friends aren’t rolling the way you do. That’s what selfie sticks were made for!

Walk it out.

If you live in a metropolitan area, chances are there is so much you’ve been meaning to check out in your own city that you just haven’t gotten around to. Make a list of locations and use this time to take in all of the beautiful sites and adventures that are right around the corner. Here’s a hint: there’s always a new boozy brunch spot that everyone’s been talking about, a sexy new waterfront promenade development, or a museum exhibit that’s in town for a few weeks. Being a tourist in your own city is hella underrated.

Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.

Have you spent the first half of the year hustling and bustling? Use the Memorial Day Weekend to pamper yourself with some self-care and “me” time. Do whatever it is that pours back into your spirit so that you can go back to the grind full of life when your full work schedule resumes. Get a massage, or find a spa/pool situation. Maybe it’s literally locking yourself in a quiet place to get peace of mind with a good book or catching up on Netflix. Make this time your little wellness retreat weekend. You’ll thank yourself later.