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The Acolyte

Source: Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+ / The Acolyte

The Cassius Team returns with another Black Watch drop where we offer up streaming gems that will make your weekend viewing a highlight.

Whether it’s documentaries, cult classic shows, or movies newly introduced to your favorite streaming platform, we’re making sure your watch list features some of the brightest talents the culture has to offer.


Clipped – FX Networks/Hulu

Clipped - Hulu

Source: FX Networks / hulu

Tune into Clipped on FX or Hulu for a gripping portrayal of Donald Sterling’s scandalous affair with his assistant and his shocking racist outbursts—which got him nixed as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.. Explore the reactions of his wife and the Clippers team, including stars like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, and their coach Doc Rivers. Fishburne excels as Coach Rivers while J. Alphonse Nicholson, known for his role as “Lil Murda” in P Valley, delivers a standout performance as Chris Paul. You’ll gain some insight into the behind-the-scenes efforts to address the situation and the lasting impact it had on everyone involved.—Alexis Felder


The Acolyte – Disney+

The Acolyte

Source: Lucasfilm Ltd. / Disney+ / The Acolyte


We don’t care what some of these alleged “critics” say, the post-George Lucas Star Wars is stacked with dope produced like The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka. As far as we’re concerned, the more lightsaber-littered mythology about The Force and its practitioners, the better. The latest, The Acolyte is just two episodes deep but is already living up to expectations. No spoilers, but the plot twist in the first episode will get you hooked unless you’re one of those nimrods not into people of color wielding The Force in a galaxy far, far away. Why else could they be mad?—Alvin aqua Blanco


Bookie– MAX

HBO MAX Bookie

Source: MAX / Max


Chuck Lorre’s not known as the King of Sitcoms for nothing; he’s behind long-running hit shows like Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. And while those are perfectly suited for family viewing and on major networks, if you want his producer style with a bit more edge, Bookie on MAX is just a few clicks away.  The show follows comedian Sebastian Maniscalco and sidekick Omar Dorsey bumbling around Los Angeles as sports bookmakers who make the menacing gig a lot more entertaining thanks to the actors’ punchline chemistry. 

Season 2 was greenlit at the top of 2024, but stream the first season on MAX now. — Bruce Goodwin II 

Legion – Hulu/FX


Source: FX / FX

Legion achieves a rare feat when it comes to the superhero genre. One, it positions a powerful, if troubled, mutant as someone you begin to feel deep sympathy for. However, David Haller is no ordinary mutant. In Marvel lore, Legion’s power is at the “Omega Level” and as Haller battles what he believes to be schizophrenia, the true nature of his condition and powers threaten the fabric of humanity itself.

Created by Noah Hawley, who also developed the excellent Fargo series, Legion‘s visual style and story arc are unlikely to resemble anything else to emerge on television before it. Dan Stevens shines as Legion and fans of the comic books should know who his mutant father is. Bald guy. Runs a school. You may have heard about him. The show also stars Jeremie Harris, a former Def Jam Recordings intern from the Bronx who stars as a mutant who can enter dream worlds. It’s super trippy stuff that demands your total attention.

All three seasons of Legion can be found on Hulu/FXD.L. Chandler