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'South Park 20 Experience' Exhibit Preview

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park are reportedly shopping the companies catalog of the Comedy Central show in a deal that could net them upwards of $500 million. The deal would not allow whoever bought the show to own it, but it would give them the license to the series’ for a specified period of time, allowing them to show reruns for however long the contract runs.

The $500 million price tag may seem a bit expressive, but the series has over 300 episodes, and is amongst the most watched shows on Hulu.

It will likely cost more than four times the price Hulu paid to stream the show when they dished out $192 million for the rights to air back in 2015, but this hasn’t stopped streaming services from anteing up the funds to air the ever so controversial show. It is believed that Hulu is willing to pay the price to retain the rights to the show so long as the price doesn’t creep to high. Hulu is expected to face stiff competition, and price matching from streaming services like HBO Max and Peacock, both which are set to launch their streaming service in 2020.

Bloomberg goes on to report that obtaining a library so large may seem like a silly thing to spend money on, especially in this era of original series. But it is believed that it would be in the interest of all involved to get a show that has such a great following and can generate headlines at in instant in a programs catalogue.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone stand to get 50% of digital revenue, while Viacom will get the other half.