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Previously on Power, Dre made a deal with Blanca to save his skin, Saxe got fired, Tate’s hot mic sunk his campaign paving the way for Ghost and Tasha killed her bestie, LaKeisha. Keisha’s death set the tone for the penultimate episode, which by far was the season’s best and which we get to see Ghost at his spiciest, and he is using the “scorched earth” approach when it comes to his rivals and “family,” and we are here for it.

The Fallout From Keisha’s Death

The episode picks up immediately following LaKeisha’s death with Tommy shedding some thug tears for his dead girlfriend. He takes Cash to his father, LaKeisha’s ex, Kadeem, played by Grey’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams. In his best “gangsta voice,” which is honestly faker than the drawn on tattoos on his neck asks Tommy, does he know who killed Keisha?

While Cash peacefully sleeps on the couch, Tommy tells Kadeem he isn’t sure, but he promises to make that person pay when he finds out who did it. We all know he thinks Ghost did it but refrains from saying so. Kadeem is satisfied with the answer and tells Tommy to holla at him if he needs anything from him. That won’t be happening because his character isn’t coming back, so that’s that. Before Tommy leaves, Kadeem asks him if Cash can see him again? Tommy gives him a frank answer and says he doesn’t know which is probably hinging on the fact there is a possibility he might be killed or thrown in jail.

The somber mood is interrupted when he is approached by Blanca. She has been on the case and on a mission since last week’s episode. She presses him immediately, even accusing him of killing LaKeisha. When asked about his whereabouts at the time of the murder, Tommy tells Detective Blanca that he was shopping with her son for an engagement ring. Before he ends the conversation, he tells her to check the tape and to leave Cash alone. Blanca makes one last push by telling Tommy that Kiesha was gonna flip on him, but Tommy doesn’t bite.

Operation Get Ghost In Office & Take Down Tate Has Begun

Last week James set Tate up with a hot mic situation that basically put Tate’s run for Governor on thin ice. Tate tried to save it by reaching out to James for a staged photo-op, but that fell through. With his campaign looking shaky, Ramona shifted her full attention to James and floated the idea about James being a Lieutenant Governor. Tate opposed that idea, but we now know his opponent sees it as an opportunity that will benefit her greatly.

After scoping out the location where he and Tommy plan to take out Jason, Ramona, and Gubernatorial candidate, Lorette Walsh pops up on James. Ramona reveals that she no longer works with Tate and is now working for Lorette’s campaign. Lorette offers James the opportunity to come on board and run alongside her as her Lieutenant Governor. James sees the opportunity for what it is as Walsh using him to gain the Black vote with a relatable Black voice on her team that the Black folks will rock with, and she believes James is that guy. They all agree to make it official as soon as possible, this could be the out James has been looking for 6 seasons.

We check back in with Tommy, and he is going through the motions. He is still mourning over the death of Keisha but is interrupted by a phone call. It’s Ghost on the other end, making sure Tommy completed his part of the plan by placing the gun he will use to kill Jason in the location they discussed. Tommy is silent for a minute before he finally confirms he did what Ghost asked of him. We will be revisiting this conversation later in the recap, but it’s clear at this point that Tommy believes Ghost killed Keisha.

We check back in with Ramona, and she links up with Tate but plays it off like she still works with him despite the fact she doesn’t. Unaware she has switched sides, Tate reveals to Ramona that he is no longer working with James and that he has a plan to get rid of him. Ramona plays it off well as if she is still loyal to Tate, and he eats it right up.

Tate meets up with James to tell him face-to-face that he will no longer be needing his services. He also threatens to reveal to the press that James is Ghost, but that doesn’t intimidate James at all. James tells Tate that a big announcement regarding himself is coming and that Tate should lookout for it. Tate leaves and heads back to his campaign office, where he meets up with Ramona to discuss a plan of action but gets some bad news. She informs Tate that she is no longer working with his campaign and taking her talents to Lorrette’s team. Welp looks like Tates bid to be Governor of NYC is as good as done.

Dre 6ix9ine Hopes His Snitching Pays Off

The man with way too many lives is back at it again. Our “favorite” detective, Blanca, links up with Dre to press him about LaKeisha’s murder. Dre immediately believes it was Tommy who did it, but Blanca thinks it was someone else because of the way Tommy reacted to the news. Dre then suggests it would have to be someone loyal to Tommy so it could have been someone in his crew. When Blanca asks for the location of his warehouse, Dre tells her that he does not know. Blanca threatens him with the ankle monitor that Saxe put on him. Dre responds to the threat by saying that he was taken there in a trunk, and she should check the monitor for his last location.

Dre, showing off his best Tekashi 6ix9ine impression, tells Blanca that she will find drugs, the crew, and possibly Tommy there. Blanca informs Dre that if the information checks out, Tommy and his goons will be off the street that night and that Dre will be square with her. As he walks away, an evil grin pops up on Dre’s face, Tommy’s removal opens up the door for him to take his spot as the distro for Jason and at the same time removes one of his biggest foes out of the equation.

Speaking of Jason, Ghost is busy trying to convince him to scope out the building he is looking to purchase. We all know this is just a part of his plan to get Jason in the building so he can kill him, who has been a thorn in both his and Tommy’s side. After breaking down how him getting in on buying the building in Queens is an excellent opportunity for him to have some clean money coming in, Jason agrees to check it out. James gives him the location but tells him he cannot bring any weapons with him because it would not be a good look.

Dre, with the knowledge of the impending sting on Tommy, decides to call Jason to break the news to him. He proposes that he can help make the transition smooth to another distro for Jason with him being ready to step up in place of Tommy and his crew. Jason, as expected, is hesitant about the new information before deciding to consider what Dre was offering him.

Ghost Gets Real Spicy, Tasha and Tommy Both Get Surprise Visits From The Feds

This episode Ghost is back on his spicy sh*t more than ever. Things between him and Tasha get extremely touchy when he walks in on his ex-wife conducting drug business in her daycare. He does not particularly like what he just witnessed and is not too thrilled at the fact she won’t attend a parent, teacher meeting at Riq’s new school. The two have a brief argument about what Ghost feels is Tasha choosing moving weight over their son’s education.

Her not going might have been the best idea for her because Ghost is put onto some eye-opening information. Riq’s teacher/Primera just can’t stop beaming about his new student, aka drug supplier. James immediately picks up on the praise, and his ears perk up when the teacher mentions Riq’s afterschool “job.” His suspicions are confirmed when he sees that the job is at the daycare, him being the street smart guy that he is, knows that Riq is involved somehow with his mother’s extracurricular activities.

Tasha walks into her apartment and is surprised by Ghost. He broke in Tasha’s spot to have a conversation about what he has learned from Riq’s teacher. Tasha argues that her dumb idea of allowing Riq to sell drugs is the best way to keep him out of jail and from getting killed. His dad begs to differ and thinks what Tasha is doing is absolutely crazy. James then threatens to have her daycare shut down and the daughter we barely see, Yaz, taken away from her. This touches a nerve with Tasha, and she threatens to snitch to the Feds that he killed Terry Silver.

James has heard enough and yokes up his wife, and the two get physical with ghost bruising her arm. For good measure, he snuffs her before he leaves Tasha with just her thoughts and tears.

He wasn’t done though, petty Ghost has arrived and while at Truth enjoying an alcoholic beverage decides to snitch on his ex-wife, leaving an anonymous tip with the Feds. Of course, Blanca wastes no time and leads a search of the daycare, but it turns up empty. The search turns up empty, but the damage is done. The stripper, Epiphany, is spooked and tells Tasha that she and the girls will no longer be selling drugs for her. Tasha says that it’s on like Donkey Kong now and vows to get Ghost back. At the same time, Tommy calls his crew and tells them to meet him at the warehouse. During the call, 2-Bit asks him what about Ghost, and Tommy ensures him that they will be done for good.

2-Bit, Spank, and Black Grimace’s replacement are discussing Tommy’s recent behavior, and they also get a surprise visit from the Feds. Tommy shows up as everything is going down and stays out of sight.

2-Bit and Spank see their boss watching them and immediately believe that Tommy set them up. They were already not feeling Tommy; this adds more fuel to the fire giving him the evil eye as they are taken away in the back of the squad car.

Meanwhile, Dre is getting his crew together, preparing to make his move back into the drug game. He tells them to sit tight because the call from Jason will be coming, and they will all be making a lot of money very soon. Dre has no idea his life is about to get complicated again.

Christmas Is Almost Cancelled For Both Ghost & Tommy

Jason finally arrives at the Queens building to meet up with Ghost. Despite his goon urging him to take a gun with him, Jason opts to forgo that, but he is not unarmed. There is a bit of a tense moment with Jason as he waits to step through the metal detector, but it subsides when he checks out. Jason and Ghost step into the elevator, and Ghost pretends to tie his shoe and search the area where the gun Tommy was supposed to hide should have been. While all this is going on, Jason receives a text from Tommy telling him that Ghost is going to kill him and pulls out a garrote from his watch and tries to strangle Ghost.

A battle ensues in the elevator with Ghost eventually getting the upper hand and using Jason’s garrote to kill him. After the battle, Ghost pulls Jason’s lifeless body out of the elevator and checks his phone and sees that Tommy sent the message. Always thinking, Ghost sends a text to Dre from Jason’s phone, telling him to meet him on the rooftop at the address where he is leaving Jason’s body. James also sends a message to Jason’s goon that Dre doublecrossed him. When he gets downstairs, he pays off the security guard and instructs him to call the Feds when Dre shows up.

Like clockwork Dre shows up and discovers the body and is immediately discovered by security. He quickly runs away before the Feds can arrive. He knows he is in some serious trouble once again.

James calls Tommy immediately after to find out why Tommy set him up. Tommy accuses him of killing LaKeisha, and Ghost flat out denies it. Tommy doesn’t believe him and warns his former friend that he is coming to kill him. Luckily for Ghost, there might be an opportunity to get rid of Tommy, and James won’t have to do it. Back at Truth, he gets a visit from Joe’s cousin, Benny, and he is not too happy.

Benny feels that Ghost lied to him about who killed his cousin after he did some investigating. After a bit of a back and forth, Ghost reveals that it could have been Tommy, but at the same time, he reassures him that Riq had nothing to do with Joe’s death.

Benny takes the newfound information and decides to run up on Tommy. He told Ghost he just wanted to talk to Tommy, but that was an outright lie. He instead tries to kill Tommy with a knife and fight ensues. Tommy quickly gets a handle on the situation and kills cousin Benny with his own weapon.

Blanca Teams Up With Saxe…Again, Gets Help From Unlikely Allies

Blanca last week helped build the case for Saxe getting fired. This week she needs his help once again. Blanca tells him about LaKeisha’s death and explains that she doesn’t believe Tommy did it. Saxe suggests they put pressure on Tasha, stating that hse is the weak point.

They immediately head over Tasha’s apartment, and when they mention LaKeisha’s death, Tasha turns on the acting. Saxe tells her to cut the act and then asks her if James killed LaKeisha? Saxe points out all of the occasions her ex-husband has betrayed her, and Blanca notices the bruise from her ex-husband. Blanca also threatens to put more pressure on Riq, and that breaks through with Tasha. She reveals that Ghost did not LaKeisha, BUT he did kill Terry Silver. Tasha spills all the details telling Saxe and Blanca where they can look to find Silver’s body.

They arrive at the parking lot and search Silver’s abandoned vehicle. They pop the trunk, and Silver’s rotten corpse is still in there. While searching the car for clues, Saxe finds a cellphone that Ghost forgot to grab and puts it in his pocket. Blanca asks Saxe if he discovered anything, and he doesn’t mention the phone and just shows her a playbill from the play Hamilton.

The smartphone comes back into play immediately when Dre runs to Saxe for help. He is in a precarious spot after he was spotted next to Jason’s dead body after being framed by Ghost. Saxe seizing the opportunity to take down Ghost gives Dre the cellphone telling him to plant it in Jame’s hotel room. Dre takes the phone and leaves it in the hotel like Saxe instructs him to do, we shall see how this plays out next week.

You Lost Me A Long Time Ago Ghost

Riq is still fuming after the meeting with himself, Tommy, and his mother, where he found out his dad put his hands on his mother and heads over to Ghost’s place of business to confront him. He throws the keycard at him, telling him he no longer needs it cause he won’t be staying with his father anymore. James is taken back at what is going on and claims this just his mother trying to turn Riq against him.

Riq acting real “grown,” tells his dad that it’s not what he thinks and that Ghost lost him a long time ago. James tries his best to convince Riq that all he is trying to do is provide his son a better alternative than selling drugs. Riq isn’t trying to hear it getting smart with his father, ultimately telling him to stay away from both him and Tasha. Before he leaves Truth, Riq warns Ghost if he ever puts his hands on his mom again he will kill him.

Riq leaves Ghost with one more dagger and tells him that he may have given him life, but he is not his father.

We not gonna lie, we were hoping James whooped Riq’s ass at that moment, but we were sadly let down. We shall see what goes down on next week’s season 6 mid-finale.

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