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Big Facts

A perjury charge against the former Texas state trooper who pulled over and arrested Sandra Bland was dismissed, reports CNN. In “exchange” for the charge, Brian Encinia has turned in his law enforcement license and will no longer be able to pursue a job in the field. Bland’s family, of course, is rightly upset by the decision. “The special prosecutor assured the family they would see the matter to trial. The family relied on that. The prosecutor didn’t even reach out to the family to notify them that they were looking to cut this deal,” attorney Cannon D. Lambert told CNN. “What was gained—him never being an officer anymore, would have been gained by a conviction. They gave up a chance to seek justice and got nothing.”

Big News

Looks like the Senate Intelligence Committee will be receiving Comey’s memos after all. According to Politico, Chairman Richard Burr says the Senate Intelligence Committee’s reached an “agreement” granting them access to the memos which detail Comey’s exchanges with Trump, though he wouldn’t say who made the promise. “I’ve got a commitment,” he reportedly said. “I’m not going to tell you.” He is, however, “fairly certain of the timeline” of when the memos will be received, but don’t expect them to be released to the public, says Politico.

Big Lies

Following a halt placed on the healthcare vote, Trump claimed to have a “big surprise” with a “great health care package” on Wednesday, though he wouldn’t elaborate on what it was (of course). According to CNN , Trump spoke before senators on Wednesday regarding the bill. “We are going to try and solve the problem. So, I invited all of you. … We are going to talk. We are going to see what we are going to do,” Trump said before reportedly “offering an assessment that did not seem to reflect the aggravated state of Republican debate.” He then added, “We are getting very close. This will be great if we get it done.” Sounds pretty promising.

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