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In my experience with people who aren’t professional comedians, the funniest people tend to be introverts who are placed in social settings. It’s something about their unintentional acts that create some memorable laughs, it’s effortless for them. Perfect example, Kawhi Leonard. In the past year, he has created headliners seemingly monthly. Starting with his introductory press conference in Toronto and his laugh, to his “What it do baby,” in celebrating the Raptors championship win over the Golden State Warriors.

Kawhi’s process of monetizing off these one-liners has begun. Kawhi has reportedly filed for a trademark of his phrase “What it do baby.”

Josh Gerben, a trademark lawyer, revealed on Twitter that an application was filed last week for the trademark. According to Gerben, Leonard is attempting to protect “What it do baby” so he can use it on an upcoming clothing line– according to documents. The filing occurred October 23 and his infamous car conversation with Serge Ibaka isn’t the only thing wants. “City Views over Interviews,” is another quip he wants the rights to trademark, which is likely a nod to the fact that he always remains so quiet and likely isnt the biggest fan of interviews.

We’ve already seen New Balance take advantage of the view words that Leonard has spoken over the past two seasons. First, it was “Fun Guy” which he first mentioned at a press conference as a newly-minted Raptor, and then it was “Board Man Gets Paid,” which is a nod to a saying he said back in college.