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Neiman Marcus Celebrates The Exclusive #OnlyatNM KENDALL + KYLIE Collection

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Kendall and Kylie muh’f***ing Jenner. When. We. Tell. Y’all. How. Sick. We. Are. Of. Them. (Yes, insert hand claps in between all of that.)

In their latest game of “How can we blatantly appropriate-and/or disrespect Black-culture today?’  the Jenner sisters saw fit to plaster their faces across the portraits of hip-hop legends for another foray into what can barely be called “fashion.” The sisters are selling a capsule collection of “vintage” tees for $Aint-nobody-got-that-kind-of-money-for-that-mess.99, including one with their initials superimposed on top of a portrait of Tupac.

Who the hell told them this was cool, and why?


Needless to say, a lot of folks are furious, with many taking to Twitter to rightly express their disdain. reports the shirts are no longer listed in the Kendall + Kylie online shop, though there are still Metallica and Pink Floyd options available—and it looks like they’re selling out fast.

Peep more reactions below:

UPDATE: The Jenner girls have apologized, unsurprisingly. However, this ish still happened and so we’re not trying to hear it. Carry on.