50 Cent

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

It’s well known that 50 Cent is a king troll, we have seen him land some damning blow on social media against the likes of big names in entertainment like Floyd Mayweather, Young Buck, Wendy Williams, JaRule, the list goes on…and on.

But because of his involvement in the hit show Power, 50 has been relatively quiet on the social media trolling as of late, but he just couldn’t pass up on this opportunity to troll the singer Tank.

A couple weeks ago during an interview with Angie Martinez, Tank made some remarks that got him dragged on social media. He was speaking on sexual experimentation saying that if a man engages in oral sex with another man a time or two, that doesn’t necessarily make them gay. According to Tank, it’s just some healthy experimentation

50 was not going for it. Writing on Instagram, “Yo my man Suga Tank said you not gay if you 😵suck 🍆once or twice, what kinda shit is going on?”


In the comments, 50 continued his onslaught when a fan asked him if he didn’t like gay people. 50 made sure to clarify that he has nothing against the LGBTQ+ community but doesn’t believe a straight man would ever say something like that. “I’m just saying a straight man will never say no shit like that,” clarified 50.