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Cash Money Records was the hottest thing in the streets during the early 2000’s.

Their roster of rappers gave them to power to strike some of the richest deals in the industry at the time. Fabolous went on the Drink Champs podcast to discuss the time he paid to get a song with Lil Wayne.

About an hour and 15 minutes into the interview with Drink Champs, Fab begins to elaborate on how he got a feature from Wayne at the beginning of the major label career.

“They were so hot at the time,” Fab said about Cash Money and the Hot Boys. “They came to the studio. I think Steve Stoute gave them 100 grand for Lil Wayne, which was out of my budget. They were scorching. This Cash Money in like ’99. For the 99 and the 2000. So the four bottles is there. We in the studio—we thinking that four bottles of Cris means they gonna come in, we gonna vibe, drink some champagne,” Fab explained. “Wayne came in, did his verse in 15 minutes, they was out. Took the four bottles with ’em. That’s my first time even seeing something like that. I’m like: ‘This shit different.'”

To make matters worse for Fab, he revealed the song never even hit the airways. He didn’t explain why, just that the song never came out.

You can check out the full interview above.