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Eric B And Rakim At Soul'd Out Music Festival

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Louis Eric Barrier, better known as Eric B. was arrested two weeks ago on a warrant that is 17 years old. Eric B. was released from Bergen County Jail on Tuesday where he had been held since October 28th.

The warrant was issued in 2002 after he failed to appear in court for sentencing. Eric B. had pleaded guilty that year to assault. Barrier’s current attorney said Eric B. was told by his then-attorney there was no reason for him to have to appear in court March 8, 2002. Barrier even claims that he never received a notice from the court after failing to appear.

“When Mr. Barrier asked Mr. Bergrin if he was sure of that, Mr. Bergrin advised him that he definitely did not need to appear, and that Mr. Bergrin would be in court on that date to handle everything for him,” the letter states.

His lawyer at the time was Paul Bergrin, who ran into legal troubles of his own years later when he was convicted of murder, cocaine trafficking, racketeering, and other charges and is currently six life sentences at a supermax federal prison in Colorado.

Just last year, one of the greatest rap duos of all time, Eric B. & Rakim, reunited for a world tour. Since then Eric B. has been making appearances on CBS’s show, “Blue Bloods.”

Eric B.—the DJ best known as president and one half of the iconic hip-hop duo Eric B. & Rakim—is out of jail after two weeks. 

The duo recently reunited after a two-decade hiatus.

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