Eric Legrand, a former Rutgers University football star, launched his eponymously-named whiskey brand last year.

"I want to be like how Mike Tyson is. Everybody knows who Muhammad Ali is. Everybody knows who Floyd Mayweather is. I want to be a boxer where everybody knows my story. Where everybody knows my legacy. I feel like that's the goal. [Where the people say,] "He was one of the best boxers to ever do it." - Shakur Stevenson

Louis Eric Barrier, better known as Eric B. was arrested two weeks ago on a warrant that is 17 years old. Eric B. was released from Bergen County Jail on Tuesday where he had been held since October 28th. The warrant was issued in 2002 after he failed to appear in court for sentencing. Eric […]

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Professor Lisa Durden sparked controversy when she defended a BLM group’s Black-only Memorial Day Celebration.