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On the set of Beverly Hills Cop II

Source: Sunset Boulevard / Getty

Beverly Hills Cop is making a return to the big screen.

Following a 25 year hiatus, the hit trilogy starring Eddie Murphy will now become a quadrilogy.

Netflix is preparing to make the fourth installment of the popular film, and even better, they’re bringing Murphy back for the role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix and Paramount have agreed to terms on a licensing deal to produce the fourth installment.

Murphy’s triumphant return continues as it was announced in September that he would be going on a comedy tour in 2020, with a Netflix special to follow. Also, he is currently in the process of filming Coming to America 2. He also recently starred in a Netflix original film titled Dolemite Is My Name, as the late blaxploitation actor Rudy Ray Moore.

The original Beverly Hills Cop launched in 1984 with Murphy starring as Axel Foley, a cop who was very street-savvy, leading the investigation into the murder of his friend in Beverly Hills. The second installment came in ’87, followed by the third in ’94. The films were widely successful grossing $736 million across the globe. Netflix is looking to tap into that market once again.

Paramount had attempted multiple times to bring Beverly Hills Cop back over the past few years, including an attempted TV series that Murphy was going to star in, but which never quite made it to the start line.

It was also announced that Eddie Murphy would be hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time in 35 years.