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Wu Tang Clan

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The late Ol’ Dirty Bastard put it best when he said that The Wu-Tang Clan is for the children and now their seeds are keeping the foundation going. The sons of ODB, Ghostface Killa, U-God, and Method Man are forming like Voltron to create ‘2nd Generation Wu.’

The members are respectively comprised of Young Dirty Bastard, Sun God (son of Ghostface Killah), iNTeLL (son of U-God), & PXWER (son of Method Man) and they released their debut single “7.O.D.” through Dock Street Records. The track pays homage to their predecessors, reworking the classic records that made their fathers household names in the rap game.

“Growing up, I’ve always had the mindset of ‘I am who I am, my father is who he is,” iNTeLL told “We’re all next in line to receive ‘Wu-Tang is forever’ but at the same time, we all have our own unique sound and we’re ready to share that together.”

Despite looking to carry on the traditions of their fathers, 2nd Generation Wu is not attempting to ride the coattails of the Wu Legacy. The group hopes to pave a way for themselves while honoring what came before them.

“We’re infusing the sounds of our fathers to create a new Wu-Tang dynasty,” iNTeLL continues. “Even in the first single, we made sure to add pieces of our fathers’ music underneath our raps so we can give the fans clues as to who our fathers were.”

Sun God and Young Dirty Bastard are not unfamiliar with hardcore Wu fans, as the former has been present of a number of his father’s albums and the latter touring with the Staten Island legends, paying tribute to the late ODB.

The OGs of the Wu-Tang Clan is currently celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the group’s formation and reveling in the success of the Hulu drama series ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga,’ loosely based on the group.