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The online sneaker marketplace, GOAT, has been making some serious moves lately. The company has already partnered with Kyle Kuzma, launched an app exclusively for its Chinese market, added a new feature allowing customers to try on sneakers virtually, and added fashion apparel as well as accessories to its online catalog. GOAT is taking another big step by partnering with NBA franchise, the Brooklyn Nets.

As part of the new partnership, GOAT will not only focus on individual players’ drip as they hit the arrival tunnel but will also provide signage, content, and much more for both the home and away teams at the Barclay’s Center all season long. GOAT’s Chief Business Officer, Sen Sugano explained what inspired him the brand partnership with the Brooklyn Nets and GOAT stating:

“We recently expanded beyond sneakers to offer apparel and accessories from the world’s leading contemporary and luxury brands. Moving beyond sneakers, we’re now the global platform for style, and our ultimate goal is to help individuals discover products that embrace who they are. We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with the Nets to showcase each player’s unique style.”

When asked why GOAT chose the Brooklyn Nets Sugano added:

Simply put, there’s synergy between GOAT and the Brooklyn Nets. Since moving to Brooklyn, the Nets have really embraced the city and the borough as their home. For us, New York is important – it’s not only our largest market, but it remains a sneaker and streetwear cultural hub, influencing the world.
GOAT is also a community of individuals aspiring to be the greatest, and the Nets are no different. After coming off of a great 2018 season, the Nets continue to make significant strides to compete at the highest levels, including adding All-Star players Kyrie and KD to their roster.
As to why they chose to focus on the arrival tunnel, Sugano explained:
These athletes have always been hugely influential. You not only want to play like them, but you want to live like them as well. That includes what they wear.
In 2018, the NBA loosened its colorway restrictions, so we came in and shook things up by signing Kyle Kuzma of the Lakers. It was an opportunity to outfit him in sneakers with a story including the same exact pair of Nike Zoom Flight 2K3s worn by LeBron during his first NBA practice 16 years ago. The NBA loosening restrictions changed everything and really helped propel the player’s arrival tunnel into the new menswear runway.
Each athlete is now looking to stand out in a big way, showcasing their individual style. It’s not only the sneakers they put on their feet, but the jacket, pants, bags – it’s the whole fit.
We’re the global platform for style, and through this unique partnership with the Nets, we’re creating unique content to inspire others to discover products that help them stand out and embrace who they are.
Sounds like a perfect match, be sure to check out Kyrie’s collection of kicks on GOAT here.
Photo: Adam Glanzman / Getty