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If you live in China and want to get your hands on a pair of exclusive Jordans, Reeboks or YEEZYs grail shopping has gotten much easier for you. Online sneaker marketplace GOAT launched a version of its app on July 22 that is exclusive to the country. Alongside the app, a WeChat Mini Program was also introduced that is perfectly tailored for Chinese customers ecosystem.

To get things started, GOAT held a three-day event in China that showcased the rarest and most exclusive sneakers on the Chinese market. The new localized native app aims to “provide a seamless user interface with hi-resolution photos, offering a transparent shopping experience, similar to the platform used in the United States.

Speaking on the Chinese version of the app, Co-Founder and CEO of GOAT Group Eddy Lu stated in a press release:

“The sneaker community has grown tremendously in China, especially with the rise of basketball and hip hop culture. So it’s no surprise the demand for sneakers has grown as well. We know that there is a huge need to ensure authentic sneakers in the global sneaker industry, and we believe China is the perfect market to begin our global expansion.”

“We know China is a unique market and if we use the same strategy as the U.S. We are building this product with a local team in order to provide the Chinese consumer with a better, more personalized experience.”

GOAT when it launched in 2015 intended to connect sneaker buyers and sellers featuring thousands of rare kicks from brands such as Nike, adidas, Reebok, Vans and more. When a customer purchases a pair of sneakers, the seller must then send it to a GOAT facility where it is inspected for authenticity. Once the kicks pass the inspection test, they are sent to the purchaser. Fakes in the sneaker industry have become a serious issue, and this practice helps ensures customers are buying and receiving the authentic product.

GOAT’s brick and mortar home base will be based out of Shanghai and will serve all customers located in Asia.

Photo: GOAT