Anotonio Brown Countersuing Rape Accuser For Defamation

Source: Michael Reaves / Getty

The Antonio Brown saga continues. ESPN reports the unemployed wide receiver is now countersuing his rape accuser. In his suit, Brown is seeking damages for defamation and alleged interference with his NFL contracts and endorsements.

The former New England Patriot was accused of multiple instances of sexual misconduct, including alleged forcible rape by his former trainer Briney Taylor at his Miami home in 2018. Shortly after Taylor filed her lawsuit, the Patriots wiped their hands clean of the All-Pro wideout, and he hasn’t seen an NFL field since, and there is no sign of that changing.

Brown, of course, is denying the accusations levied against him and says the sex between him and Taylor was consensual and wants a trial by jury. He also alleges Taylor asked for a $1.645 million loan for her gymnastics business that he denied and claims she tried to use that to defame ESPN reports.

Brown’s filing per ESPN:

“In summary, after enduring a failed business endeavor and also failing to gain the relationship status she desired with Brown, Taylor began a vicious campaign of lies and deceit targeting Brown both personally and professionally.

“Taylor’s acts have all but ruined Brown’s career, causing him to lose a number of substantial and lucrative business contracts, and impacting the public persona in such a manner as to cause Brown and his family significant personal and financial harm.”

Taylor’s attorney, David Hass, in a statement, responded to Brown’s countersuit and said his client “will not be bullied.”

“Today, Antonio Brown countersued the woman he raped and blamed her for the self-destructive conduct that led to the demise of his NFL career.”

”In the past, Defendant Brown has used intimidation to avoid responsibility for his actions. However, Ms. Taylor will not be bullied and remains steadfast in holding Defendant Brown accountable.”

Brown’s erratic behavior has cost him $30 million in contract guarantees after he got his wish and was released by Oakland Raiders following an awful training camp with the team. There was the issue with his helmet, and him injuring his feet after suffering frostbite during cryotherapy because he didn’t wear socks. All of this happened before Taylor’s rape accusations were made public.

Brown also lost out on $9 million in guaranteed money after the New England Patriots voided his contract following Taylor’s lawsuit going public. Brown has since spent his time on Twitter blasting the NFL and even apologizing to Robert Kraft in a series of Tweets.

This whole situation is just a mess.

Photo: Michael Reaves / Getty