Kodak Black In Concert - Los Angeles, CA

Source: Scott Dudelson / Getty

Earlier this month it was revealed that Kodak Black’s actions had caught up to him and he was sentenced to 46 months in jail.

Now, the rapper’s attorneys have filed an appeal for that very same case.

“Notice is hereby given that the Defendant, Bill K. Kapri, takes and enters this, his Notice of Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit to review the Orders, Judgment and Sentence entered on November 13, 2019,” the notice of appeal reads.

Another person from his legal team has also ordered a transcript from the November 13 sentencing.

It’s clear Kodak is trying to spend as few days behind bars as possible because the appeal comes just days after Kodak’s legal team filed documents asking the Assistant United States Attorney Bruce Brown to recommend that Kodak get placed in a location that has a Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP). If approved, Kodak would spend a portion of his sentence in rehab.

But while in prison Kodak plans to keep himself busy by getting a college diploma, according to TMZ. Just last year when he was incarcerated, he had visits with a tutor to aid him in getting his GED.

The current time he’s facing stem from weapons charges. The 22-year-old hasn’t been able to stay out of trouble for the last few years. According to the NY Times, just this past April, Kodak was arrested by U.S. Customs agents when attempting to re-enter the United States from Canada with two other people, drugs, and weapons. Kodak was driving  a Cadillac Escalade with temporary California tags when it was discovered that there was a pistol and weed in the vehicle. A Porsche following closely behind was found to have two loaded guns and more weed.